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Posted by Susan Middleton on

Thank you for visiting Beyond the Dark Veil.

I thought I would start off this blog with an introduction to myself & my work.

  I am Susan Middleton- the lady behind Beyond the Dark Veil. I am self taught, specializing in skeleton articulations, bone art & entomology. I don’t have a fancy set up or brick & mortar yet- I work from our apartment often taking over the kitchen table to work.

   Now how did I get here? I was a cook for nearly 15yrs until I had my son. Needless to say he changed everything. I decided to take my little hobby to the next level by launching an online shop. 

  When I first launched online on Etsy it was a different time not a saturated with oddity shops as it’s become. Being someone to help open that door is humbling but it keeps pushing you. Over the years I have tried to set myself apart from others with a very distinct romantic gothic style with nods to Victorian mourning practices. My work is always evolving, taking inspiration from religious imagery, poetry & folklore. Naturally just prior to the shop’s 4th year on Etsy we parted ways & I moved to my own site to better control of the business side of things.

The years of experience, knowledge & trusted relationships has allowed me to offer quality sustainable & ethically sourced specimens. I have the upmost respect for the beautiful creatures who I am trusted to physically & spiritually process these souls so they can be admired in a preserved just beyond the dark veil.  There is truly beauty within death. 

I’ve now added a blog to the site where I will be sharing insights, information & ongoings of being a self taught independent artist while raising an amazing little dude with my supportive & loving husband.  

Stay update to date by following the shop’s Instagram @beyondthedarkveil.

Until the next entry my lovelies. 
Forever Eternal,


Madame of Beyond the Dark Veil